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South East Asia

Last October I travelled to South East Asia with my father to attend The World Health Organization's 2015 World Drowning Prevention Conference. After a thirteen hour flight my trip started off in Hong Kong for a six hour layover. I toured the Victoria Peak, and explored a bit of the city before carrying on to my first destination Penang Malaysia where the conferenc[...]

Behind the Scenes: Neverland Magazine Beauty Editorial

Creating this shoot started with a mood board. My creative team and I used pinterest to collect images that would serve as inspiration for the shoot. When casting models for this shoot I wanted a model that could pull off a softer beauty look as well as a beauty look that was a bit edgier. Though there were the general concepts they had to be cohesive enough to be dis[...]

Lara Jade Workshops in California

  Last June I was lucky enough to attend one of Lara Jade's Fashion Photography Workshops in California, and let me tell you, it was one of the best educational decisions I have ever made. I learned more about fashion photography in two days than I learned in my entire foundation year at London College of Fashion¬†(not to say I didn't learn anything at LCF, I j[...]

Returning To London

Back when I was a rookie I lived in London. I spent my first year of university attending the London College of Fashion, where I completed my Foundation Diploma in Art and Design. I studied Fashion Image and learned about the creative development part of making art. Fast forward to 2014! Three other schools and four years later, I had completed my formal educationa[...]

Beaches in Barcelona

After a lovely time carb-o-loading in Italy, my family and I flew to Barcelona to meet up with some family friends. After one and a half weeks traveling though 7 different cities and two different countries I was pretty bagged. I did however get around to trying some delicious spanish tapas, drinking some great sangria, hanging out on the beach, and checking out a coo[...]


Italy was another awesome part of our family vacation. Let me say first that the airport in Santorini was no picnic. Waiting to get on the flight to Rome was miserable, but once we were in Rome it was paradise. I could have wandered Rome for weeks and still not have seen everything. We got to the hotel, took some time to freshen up and shower (flying always makes me f[...]


During the month of July I was on holiday in Europe with my family. The first country we checked out on our Euro-tripping adventure was Greece. We rolled into Athens pretty early in the AM on the first day (July 9th) which was my mum's birthday. We were all exhausted (and pretty gross) from the ferry from Vancouver Island, the car ride to the airport, the early mor[...]