Last October I travelled to South East Asia with my father to attend The World Health Organization’s 2015 World Drowning Prevention Conference.

After a thirteen hour flight my trip started off in Hong Kong for a six hour layover. I toured the Victoria Peak, and explored a bit of the city before carrying on to my first destination Penang Malaysia where the conference was held. During my week there I explored world heritage sight George Town, which is infamous for its quirky street art. I loved this area because of its rich cultural history. Every corner you turn there are creative and comical pieces of street art. One of the things that makes the street art of George Town so special is that a lot of the pieces are interactive. My favourite part of my time in Penang was the delicious curries! I love any asian cuisine that features curry, and Malaysian curries are absolutely delicious!

My next stop was Phuket Thailand where I stayed at Le Meridian, Phuket. Le Meridian had wonderful pools, beautiful rooms, cheerful staff and amazing restaurants. My favourite feature of this hotel was the daily visits they received from a baby elephant who liked to play in the sand. During the day I lounged on the beautiful beaches, floated in the crystal blue ocean, and relaxed poolside. In the evenings I strolled the streets of Patong Beach and explored all the shops. The hi light of the trip was the day we went scuba diving off shore from one of the smaller islands near Phuket. You forget there is another world that lives below the surface of the sea until you actually dive below and take a look around.

After Phuket I travelled to Koh Samui where I stayed at another amazing beach front resort with Starwood hotel group. This may have been one of my favourite parts of the trip because I spent my days catching up on my reading. An activity that often gets pushed aside for other work related tasks. I spent the days reading and relaxing. Evenings were spent shopping for souvenirs and discovering fabulous restaurants.

My final day in South East Asia was spent in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia where the infamous Petronas Twin Towers stand. I have always appreciated the unique architecture and city scape of each unique place I visit, but the Petronas Towers are something anyone would marvel at.

I would like to go back to South East Asia and maybe do a backpacking trip with a group of friends and perhaps explore a greater variety of countries. Vietnam, Singapore, Myanmar Indonesia, and the Philippines are all still on my bucket list, and I would love to explore more of Thailand’s islands maybe take a cooking class or two.

Till then I guess I will just have to settle for the green curry from the Thai place up the road from me.