Back when I was a rookie I lived in London. I spent my first year of university attending the London College of Fashion, where I completed my Foundation Diploma in Art and Design. I studied Fashion Image and learned about the creative development part of making art.

Fast forward to 2014! Three other schools and four years later, I had completed my formal educational studies and returned to London, the place where it all started.

Being back in London was completely surreal. Nostalgia welled up inside of me and overwhelmed my senses. I was greeted by familiarity.

We stayed in Tower Hill, on the Thames River. Our room overlooked the Tower of London, where there was a memorial art installation being built. Thousands upon thousands of ceramic poppies had been attached to metal rods and plunged into the ground at varying heights. We were able to watch the progress as hundreds of volunteers as they placed each poppy around the Tower of London. What started as a small cluster soon became a sea of red.

The cool thing about where we stayed was that it was just across the road from a Merchant Navy War Memorial that commemorated those who were lost at sea. I had wandered through this memorial multiple times before. What I didn’t know until recently was that on one of the walls on that memorial is my last name. My grandfather’s brother was on a ship that was carrying fuel, when a German submarine launched a missile at it. It is his name that is on this memorial. While we were there, my father and I were able to make a rubbing of the plaque.

Tower Hill was only one tube stop away from where I lived while I was in school. Along with revisiting my old stomping grounds, I got to hit up all my favourite shops and restaurants, as well as discover some new ones.

We did a lot of the usual touristy things. We got lost in Harrods, where I dropped a fortune on Laudree Macarons and ran into one of my friends from halls. One of the things I most love about London is that you are always running into people.

We saw a West End show, The Book of Mormon, and practically peed ourselves laughing.  We checked out the Design Museum and my personal favourite the Victoria & Albert Museum. My mother, sister, and I went to the Wedding Dress Exhibition at the V&A. Kate Moss had her wedding dress on display there, which was hands down the most spectacular dress, with its gold sequinned embroidery (I’m a sucker for anything reminiscent of the early/mid 1900’s ).

I wandered the high street, visited my old college, saw a couple of my old flatmates, and did some serious power shopping.

It was the perfect ending to our month long holiday. I already miss London, but it was good to come home.