Italy was another awesome part of our family vacation. Let me say first that the airport in Santorini was no picnic. Waiting to get on the flight to Rome was miserable, but once we were in Rome it was paradise. I could have wandered Rome for weeks and still not have seen everything. We got to the hotel, took some time to freshen up and shower (flying always makes me feel gross). We stayed at the Rome Life Hotel in the heart of the city. We had dinner at an amazing tuscan restaurant near by where the staff were super friendly and I got to practice my terrible Italian. I can now ask for the bill, and apologize for my poor Italian! All jokes aside, Italian is one of the most beautiful languages. I would love to learn more. We wandered the streets of Rome after dinner and watched in awe as the ruins were coated with the warm rays of sun as it slipped out of sight.  We toured around the city and checked out all the ruins. We ate lots of pizza, pasta, cheese, and gelato. We checked out the Vatican, where I wrote a cute boy a postcard (when was the last time you did that?).  The next day we were on the train, headed to Florence. We got to our hotel and just my luck it was right next to a Leica showroom! There was a lot going on in Florence -tons of art and architecture to be seen. I had mojito gelato, window shopped all the high end designers and was hounded by gypsies to buy the knockoffs.  The hotels rooftop bar was one of the major hotspots in Florence and in the evening after a few cocktails we headed to the main square where there was an orchestra playing. Mid- stay my family and I did a day trip out to Cinque Terre one rainy day. The weather may have been less than perfect but the little fishing villages were very quaint and colourful. It would be nice to stay a few days in each village when the weather was a bit more bright and cheery. We ate a lot of pasta and pizza, we drank some great wine and we power shopped. Off to Venice! We took the train to Venice for one night so that it was easier to fly out to Barcelona. It was a great city to get lost in (which we did!) We wandered the city and went on a gondola ride (super cheesy, I know!) We had a great meal and when we finally got home we passed right out. We took a water taxi to the airport (I felt like we were in a James Bond chase scene) and flew to Barcelona where we met up with some family friends for some epic sangria.