Creating this shoot started with a mood board. My creative team and I used pinterest to collect images that would serve as inspiration for the shoot. When casting models for this shoot I wanted a model that could pull off a softer beauty look as well as a beauty look that was a bit edgier. Though there were the general concepts they had to be cohesive enough to be displayed together.

My sister was kind enough to let me use her bath tub to shoot in. (Don’t be fooled, the making of a beauty shoot is not always as glamorous as the final outcome).

I decided to shoot the floral look first, knowing that glitter would be an absolute nightmare to clean up once we poured it into the tub. I placed the model in the tub and arranged the flowers around her. I stood on either side of the bath tub and placed one hand against the wall to steady my self when shooting down at the model.

For lighting I used one strobe with a small rectangular soft box… pointing it upwards into the ceiling, I bounced the light into the white ceiling of the bathroom to diffuse it even more. I wanted an ultra soft light that would show off the makeup. I removed the shower curtain and the curtain bar ahead of time so as not to cast a shadow.

For the second look we cleaned out the bathtub and refilled it. We poured the glitter into the bath first and then placed our model in the tub. The glitter coated the models limbs like it was painted on. If I were to do it again I would have maybe shot outdoors in some sort of inflatable pool, as the glitter was almost impossible to clean up.

Despite the mess it was an great shoot and the story ended up being published in Neverland Magazine.
Gear List:

Camera: Nikon D800

Lens: Nikon 85mm 1.4

Lighting: Metz 400W Strobe with rectangular soft box


Retouching Workflow:

Lightroom, Photoshop, Alienskin-Exposure 7