After a lovely time carb-o-loading in Italy, my family and I flew to Barcelona to meet up with some family friends. After one and a half weeks traveling though 7 different cities and two different countries I was pretty bagged. I did however get around to trying some delicious spanish tapas, drinking some great sangria, hanging out on the beach, and checking out a cool little antique market.  We walked around the Sagrada Familia which has got to be the largest (and strangest) cathedral I have ever seen. We ate delicious cheeses and salami’s each night and had dinner at a couple really cool restaurants. Our apartment that we stayed in was right down the road from one of the most beautiful photography stores I have ever seen in my life, and we checked out some of the high street shopping. There was plenty of decent gelato to be had walking down the main strip, and there were gypsies everywhere you turned trying to sell their trinkets.

The heat during the day made it almost unbearable to go out in, but at night you could see the city come alive. My little sister’s friend who had been backpacking through Europe met up with us in Barcelona one night and took us to a wicked little bar that only served shots. They had over one hundred different types of shots, (some of which, sounded better than others). I think Barcelona is the city I spent the least amount of time wandering about in. If I were to come back it would definitely have to be with a group of friends that love art and partying equally! The July summer heat was so uncomfortable I didn’t make the most of the trip, but I think that perhaps I will have to go back at a cooler time and really take full advantage of the amount of cultural and artistic experiences Barcelona has to offer.